Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010







I have a habit of looking through my albums every year
to keep track with things that have changed or remained

Anyways, I was taking photos of photos of my dad (since we have no printers to scan)
to make a slide video letter for his 50th birthday.
It was a strange experience to kind of scrutinize his life from infant to now, a chubby middle aged man. I wonder whether dad himself noticed how much he has grown, change his role from- a baby of the house, an older brother, a student, a college student, a fresh officer, a boyfriend, a fiance, a husband and finally a daddy. A daddy of one boy, suddenly a daddy of 1 boy + 2 (little girl)s.
Now he's got a role of a 50 year old man, perhaps not too long to retire (not many keeps their title till 60 in Korea), and three bloody grown up - kiddos to get married off (his main concern, and main interest of any Korean parents with childs over 19)

I wonder what kind of hopes he used to have
and the kind of dreams he has lost on the way.

The Big fish theory

Everyone has there own way of keeping things together
not to forget about the determination and the passion one used to have long back..

reminding themselves of certain memories, words, phrases, quotations
perhaps from some songs, books or movies...

in my case,
I had to invent one

though I've borrowed the word from a film called 'The Big Fish'
the meaning behind has nothing in common with the storyline,

except, perhaps, i've 'fictionated' the term, like film

The term 'Big Fish Theory'
is a summary of the sleepless nights that I've spent contemplating, writing, drawing, wondering and wishing to do and become so much more

and here I am,
after hopping around different continents

finally in London

hopefully this blog will tell you more about it!